purchase & shipping

1. Prepacked packages

Prepack packages allows you to select from items our customers regularly order. Just select which Prepacked Package you prefer, enter your shipping address and select the method of payment.

Fees Page:

$15 wire transfer

$XX bank draft

$XX bank draft to business account

2. Purchase items and send to Gomes Global for Consolidation and Shipping

Address package to:

Once all items have been received, they will be consolidated and delivered to the shipper. Storage of items is free up to 14 days. After 14 days a charge of $XXX (daily charge starting from day 15). Payment for shipping is required prior to delivery of shipment.

3. Pickup and deliver

Contact Gomes Global Enterprises to schedule a time to have your items reviewed before a cost can be determined. Payment is due upon receipt of goods. Hazardous materials require an additional fee.

Coming Soon!

Gomes Global Enterprises Affiliate Program. You can order from Costco or BJ’s and we will pick up and ship your order!

4 Buy for You and ship – go online, register.

Add shipping address, choose affiliate program, place order, and we will pick up.

a. Choose items. Credit Card Convenience fee $40 and purchasing fee ($XX). Based on number of stores required for shopping/pick up. If S uses his credit card then additional fee. Depends on number of places need to go to shop.

b. Receive email on confirmation of items purchased.

c. Will pay for consolidation payment made

d. Receive confirmation of delivery to shipper.

e. Make a deposit towards items? All order have to be in by Wednesday to ship the following week

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